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Relax and ease tense muscles.

Hot Stone Massage Cairns

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A hot stone massage is a truly decadent full-body experience that involves placing hot stones on your body and also massaging with the stones. This treatment is a combination of therapies incorporating massage with hot stones, remedial massage and the Emmett Technique.

Key Benefits

A hot stone massage can help with:

Relieving Muscle Tension and Pain
Reducing Stress and Anxiety
Promoting Better Sleep
Improving Flexibility
Boosting Your Immunity
Neck and Shoulder Pain and Discomfort
Reducing Inflammation and Swelling.
Stones half -19-min

A Truly Relaxing Experience

A hot stone massage from an experienced practitioner will not burn or cause you discomfort.

The stones aren’t heavy and are warmed only to a comfortable temperature to provide a truly relaxing experience. If you prefer, larger stones can be placed on top of a sheet rather than directly on you.

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