Emmett Technique Courses

Internationally recognised muscle release treatment.

Emmett Training Cairns

EMMETT Technique is a simple therapy that anyone can learn. It can be learnt by everyday individuals to assist friends and family, or is a complimentary therapy to be used in conjunction with other modalities and professions such as Remedial Massage, Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Chiropractic works, Yoga, Midwifery, Nursing, Naturopathy or as a stand alone therapy.

Guided by your Emmett Instructor and Practitioner, Gemma Dustin, our range of Emmett Technique courses are designed to help you learn more about the internationally recognised muscle treatment. We provide a range of courses for newcomers, through to practitioner courses designed for medical practitioners, allied health professionals, therapists, and non-therapists.

Even if you have no previous bodywork experience, we will have a course to suit you. * No previous training or anatomical knowledge is required.

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