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Relief from discomfort, anxiety and stress.

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A pregnancy or prenatal massage is ideal for those expectant mothers who are experiencing muscle, hip or back pain. Our treatments can also help decrease anxiety and stress levels and assist with helping you to relax. Combining our massages with Emmett Technique is proven to be very effective in providing comfort, improving body relaxation and sleep for mums-to-be.

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Some major benefits provided by pregnancy massages include:

Key Benefits

Alleviating Muscle Pain
Reducing Hip and Back Pain
Improving Sleep
Increasing Blood Flow
Releasing Tight, Overworked Muscles
Reducing Cramping
Assisting with Swelling including swollen arms and legs
Releasing of Deep Core Muscles. This includes the Iliacus and Psoas to assist in hip alignment and effective engagement of the baby in the birth canal.
Assisting with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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Our qualified therapists support pregnant women with relief from aches and pains, through deep tissue massages and the Emmett Technique. If you or someone you know is looking for respite against the toll pregnancy can have on our bodies, we’d love to help you.

What to expect

We know some expectant mothers can be apprehensive, however, our experienced massage therapists will soon put you at ease. Whether you can still comfortably lay on your back or you need to be in a side-lying position, we will work through your pressure points using light touch remedial massage and Emmett Technique to reduce any tension, tightness, or pain you are experiencing.

If you are experiencing high blood pressure or are high risk, please advise our team before your massage treatment to ensure we work safely to alleviate your symptoms.

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